About Dave

I am a minister in the United Church of Canada, ordained in 1988. I currently live in Lacombe, Alberta, where I am pleased to serve St. Andrew’s United Church. I’m married (to another United Church minister, and a very fine one), and a father of two grown sons, of whom I am very proud. I do my best to play the guitar, like hiking and biking and have a weakness for card and board games. I confess to being something of a foodie; for my expensive taste in Scotch, I blame my fellow Heretics. I love to barbecue, and am appreciating the benefits of being among farms and farmers… And I am a school junkie as well — it seems I am happiest when I am learning.


I often say that this is a hard time to be a church, and I think it is. We must and we are re-inventing ourselves, repenting I suppose, in the process of a change that is quite deep and profound. So while this is a hard time (both in and out of the church, I think), it is also an exciting time. I hope to bring this to the blog, as well as to my ministry.


If you wish to contact me, please email me at daveh@hereticstoday.com.