Board and Committees


The Board is responsible to provide guidance to the community of faith towards a sustainable future by overseeing the governance of church policies.

2024 Board Members

Board Chair: Bryant Burnard

Chinook Winds Rep: Lawrence Hrycan

Congregational Development: Kasha Levie

Congregational Life: Dave Hnatiuk

Finance: Hans Haefliger

Minister: Reverend Dave Holmes

Minister: Reverend Barbara Lieurance

Ministry & Personnel: Barry Brouwer

Outreach: Doug Maas

Property: Gary MacDonald

UCW: Jane Wilkinson

Worship: Karen Holmes

Communications Ad-Hoc Committee: Karen Yakimishyn

If you wish to contact one of the board members you may do so through the office at:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair, a minister, and one Board member. The Executive Committee will have the power to act on non-controversial matters that cannot wait for the next Board meeting, and such other issues as assigned by the Board.


St. Andrew’s is a church and community that embodies God’s unconditional love by welcoming all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, social circumstance, ability or age.


Affirm St. Andrew’s is a diverse group of people who are committed to support persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities, their friends and family members, and to provide leadership as the church and community move towards greater acceptance and understanding.

Christian Development

The Christian Development committee provides leadership, represents and reports to the Board on the activities of the Christian Development committee including Messy Church, Kasota East Camp, library, children’s ministry programs, and adult education programs. The purpose of the CD Committee is to organize and implement Christian educational programs for all ages of the congregation of St. Andrew’s United Church to assist them to grow in love of God and neighbour.

Congregational Life

The purpose of the Congregational Life Committee is to provide opportunities for fellowship and encourage an atmosphere of open communication in order to build a warm and caring church community. This committee 1) provides tools to foster open communication within the congregation, 2) provides opportunities for fellowship, 3) provides training, support, and encouragement to help members of the congregation to care for each other. Prayer Line, Keeping in Touch, and Circles of Care are some of the avenues to meet these goals.


Educates our local congregation as to how our financial budget is expended, develops the annual budget, and provides an outlet for which the community of faith may express new ideas regarding Stewardship within the church. 

Ministry and Personnel

The Ministry and Personnel Committee is a Committee of trust and confidentiality that provides for the support, assessment, and consultation of all ministry and non-ministerial staff of St. Andrew’s United Community of Faith. It also acts as the liaison between staff members, the Church Board and members of the Pastoral Charge, and responds in a reasonable manner to concerns brought forward by any of the above mentioned parties.


The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to co-ordinate, support and promote the congregation’s outreach activities at a local, national and international level. The committee is concerned about many kinds of needs: spiritual, emotional, physical and social. Some of the ways this committee meets its goals are through: Mission and Service, the Central Alberta Foodgrains Growing Project, Friends of Guatemala (F.R.O.G.), and Volunteer Link.


The Property Committee is responsible to ensure that our building and grounds are kept to a standard that facilitates the mission of our community of faith. This committee works with the janitor, custodial staff and groundskeeper with respect to this responsibly. The Property Committee establishes plans for on-going maintenance and for future projects.


The purpose of the Worship Committee is to encourage spiritual challenge, intellectual enrichment and caring concern for each other, our community and the world through words, music and physical symbols.
The Worship Committee assists the Minister in planning and evaluating the worship life of the congregation, to make people of all ages feel invited and welcomed into a joyful and warm worshiping community.

United Church Women (UCW)

The purpose of UCW is to unite all women of the congregation for the total mission of the Church and to provide a medium through which they may express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship, and service.
St. Andrew’s currently has two UCW groups. The groups each hold meetings once a month from September to June.