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For The Week of May 17th, 2015

Ministers: Rev. Ross Smillie and Pastor Marco Ste-Marie

Office hours are Tues. Wed. & Fri from 9 a.m. till Noon

Welcome: A warm welcome is extended to all who worship with us this morning. Following the service, join us for coffee and fellowship in the auditorium. Today is May Birthday celebration day. If you have a birthday in May, please join the designated birthday table. Thank you to U.C.W #1.

A note from Pastor Marco: Here is a list of my vacations and study leaves for the coming months. Note that I won't be available during these weeks.

  • June 23rd to 29th
  • July 21st to 27th
  • August 18th to 24th
  • November 3rd to 9th

Good day friends and family of St. Andrew's: I've made a small changes in my weekly schedules. I'll take Saturdays off and be at the office on Thursdays. I believe it will be easier and more practical to organize my days and weeks this way. It will make it easier for committees to arrange meetings with me. Also, in my opinion, it makes sense for Ross sabbatical to have that schedule so I can be more available for everyone. Please, if you have any helpful feedback or comments to make our church community be more efficient, feel free to share it with me. I'm always willing to improve in ministry and grow. Thanks to all. Marco.

Circles of Care coordinates and inspires members of the congregation to care for each other, with a special focus on those experiencing special circumstances. The Vision of Circles of Care is that all persons connected with the congregation will experience God's love through the care they receive from others in the congregation.
If you know someone that would need a visit or a telephone call, if you are already providing support to others in the congregation, or if you would like to support the team and participate in Circles of Care please let the coordinators know. Coordinators: Anneke Kassies and Doris Thesenvitz.

Worship Committee has a list of scripture readers, but we need an individual to organize these for us so we have two readers each week. If interested, contact Shelley-May Lloyds 403-782-5966 or the office 403-782-3148.

Upcoming Events

  • May 24th-Pentecost Sunday, Sunday School Celebration, Baptism, Confirmation and Ross's Sabbatical Leaving Service
  • May 31st-Trinity Sunday, Foods Grain Bank leading service.

Come join us for a barbecue on May 24th after Sunday service. Enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs and say our goodbyes to Ross as he will be embarking on his sabbatical. We are also celebrating Sunday school wind up.

Retirement Celebration at Gaetz United Church for Rev. Liz Richards and Gaetz United Church Office Manager, Linda Masters will be held on June 28th following the Worship service at 10:30. There will be special music by the Sanctuary Choir and Golden Gaetz Ringers Handbells during the service. A potluck lunch and short program will follow the service in the Pioneer Hall downstairs. For more information call Leanne Hall (403) 347-2834.

"Magdalene House Society 5th Annual Freedom Walk on Saturday, June 13 in Red Deer starting at 8:30 am. Includes light breakfast, 6 or 10 km walk and a lunch after the walk. In previous years, we have had a good contingent from St. Andrew's participate (TEAM UNITED) and would like to build on that this year. Please contact Doug Maas at 403.782.1860 for more details and for registration and pledge sheets."

Sabbatical Letter: A letter with information about Rev. Ross Smillie's upcoming sabbatical is available this morning. A copy is available for each family in our congregation. If you didn't get one, there are additional copies available at the back of the church.

Volunteer Link: Our V-Link coordinators are Madeline Hendrickson (403-789-4323) and Winnie Chesney Settle (403-348-9777). If you are interested in volunteering or want to find out about Volunteer Link give them a call. If you need a volunteer please call Sheila Chapman (403-786-0110) Mon. Tues. Thurs. or Fri. between 10 AM -12 Noon.

"Ongoing Programs and Opportunities at St. Andrew's"

There is a nursery downstairs for the use of anyone who wishes to use it

Hard of Hearing? FM Headphones and Neckloops (devices that will boost hearing aids) are available from the A/V desk at the back of the church.

Healing Touch 1st and 3rd Monday rotations. For appointments or information, please contact Irene Aasen (403-782-4314) or Pat Crozier (403-782-7243)

Volunteer Link: Our V-Link coordinators: Madeline Hendrickson (403-789-4323) and Winnie Chesney-Settle (403-348-9777). If you are interested in volunteering or want to find out about Volunteer Link give them a call. If you need a volunteer please call Sheila Chapman (403-786-0110) Mon. Tues. Thurs. or Fri. between 10 AM -12 Noon.

Congregational Life Committee wwould like to know of any 90th or 95th birthdays or any 50th or 60th wedding anniversaries. Thank you! Janet Tack, Isabelle Haefliger.

Prayer Line: We have a Prayer Ministry at St. Andrew's United Church called the Prayer Line. All information is treated as confidential. We welcome anyone to contact us if you have a prayer request. You can contact the coordinator, Madeline Hendrickson at 403-789-4323.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: October 13 and 27(2nd and 4th Mondays) in the parlour 1:30-2:30 p.m. Contact Janet Tack (782-3802) or Doris Thesenvitz (782-7063)

Enjoy singing? Our adult choir always welcomes new members. Practices are on Wednesdays at 7:15pm in the choir loft.

Parking Reminders!

  • Please leave the area directly in front of the church on the northside of the street for congregants who have difficulty with mobility.
  • Please do not park by the elevator entrance to the church as this is a Loading Zone for handicapped people.
  • Please make sure that you do not park in front of the driveway to the east of the church.
Thank you!