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For The Week of July 20th, 2014

Ministers: Rev. Ross Smillie and Pastor Marco Ste-Marie

Office hours are Tues. Wed. & Fri from 9 a.m. till Noon

Welcome: A warm welcome is extended to all who worship with us this morning. Following the service, join us for coffee and fellowship in the auditorium. Today is July Birthday celebration day. If you have a birthday in July, please join the designated birthday table. Thank you to Unit 1.

Vacation Bible School children's summer program, Monday August 18 to Thursday August 21 Mornings only. If interested in helping out, please contact Rev. Ross Smillie or Lawrence Hrycan.

St. Andrew's is producing a new photo directory. Please follow through with your pictures on August 18th and 19th or September 26th and 27th. Please call Ann Rice at (403) 782-2793; Janet Tack at (403) 782-3802; Mary Solick at (403) 885-4348 or Isabelle Haefliger at (403) 782-5860. Thank you!

Naramata Centre - All events, programs, and summer experiences at the Naramata Centre in B.C. are cancelled until August 31 2014.

"Ongoing Programs and Opportunities at St. Andrew's"

Hard of Hearing? FM Headphones and Neckloops (devices that will boost hearing aids) are available from the A/V desk at the back of the church.

Healing Touch will be recessing for the summer months and reconvening in September. For further information contact Irene Aasen (782-4314) or Pat Crozier (782-7243).

Volunteer Link: Our V-Link coordinators: Madeline Hendrickson (403-789-4323) and Winnie Chesney-Settle (403-348-9777).

The Congregational Life Committee would like to celebrate with you as you reach a milestone in your life, especially 90th and 95th birthdays, and 50th or 60th wedding anniversaries. Contact Janet Tack or Isabelle Haefliger.

Parking - When we are parking for church events, can we all leave the area directly in front of the church on the north side of the street for congregants who have difficulty with mobility? Thank you very much. Please make sure that you do not park in front of the driveway to the east of the church.

Prayer Line: We have a Prayer Ministry at St. Andrew's United Church called the Prayer Line. All information is treated as confidential. We welcome anyone to contact us if you have a prayer request. You can contact the coordinator, Madeline Hendrickson at 403-789-4323.

Banff Men's Conference: October 17-19, 2014
Transitions - finding our way faithfully when things are falling apart. Registration at e-mail and registration is $200.00. For more information see the poster on the bulletin board.

Western Women's Conference: September 26-28 and Going Deeper Retreat September 28-30, at the Naramata Centre. For further information contact: or call 1.877.996.5751 X 2. See the brochure on the bulletin board in the C.E. Hall

Meals on Wheels: As for the past number of years, St. Andrew's is responsible for delivering Meals on Wheels for the month of August again this year. An increase in the number of people utilizing this community service, requires a need for more volunteer drivers. Those who have helped in the past will be contacted shortly to see if they can assist again. If you are new to the congregation, or would like to become involved in this community program, you are invited to call Linda Crabbe, 403-782-2994, for information.
As well, if anyone is interested in assisting with coordinating this short term, annual project, I would happily share the duties required.