Church Committees

Christian Development Committee


"Devlops leadership programs and activities which encourage and assist the people of St. Andrew's United Church at all stages of life to grow in love of God and neighbour"


  • Getting Sunday School co-ordinators
  • Recognition of Sunday School teachers
  • Vacation Bible School co-ordinator
  • Bibles for Grade 4 class

Congregational Life Committee


"To provide opportunities for fellowship and encourage an atmosphere of open communication in order to build a warm and caring church community."


  • Recognition of Grade 12 graduates
  • Organize the June congregational picnic
  • Organize the Newcomers events
  • Organize the Annual Harvest Supper
  • Responsible for the coffee sign up each Sunday
  • Responsible for the church directories

Finance Committee


"To educate the local congregation as to how our financial budget is expended, develop the annual budget, and provide an outlet for which the congregation may express new ideas regarding Stewardship within the church. "

Ministry and Personnel Committee


"Supports and provides a confidential setting for consultation with and support and assessment of all staff personal in the Pastoral Charge. It also acts as the liaison between staff members, the Church Board and members of the Pastoral Charge, and responds in a reasonable manner to concerns brought forward by any of the above mentioned parties."

Property Committee


"Is responsible for maintaining, insuring and upgrading the building and grounds in order that our property facilitates the congregation's mission."


  • Maintenance of the facilities
  • Oversee any major remodeling, etc.
  • Refinish the Sanctuary doors on an annual basis
  • Annual cleaning bee (with the U.C.W.)
  • Janitorial contracts

Worship Committee


"Seeks to facilitate worhip in which spiritual challenge, intellectual enrichment and caring concern for each other, our community and the world are encouraged and expressed through words, music and physical symbols. The committee assists the Ministers and Congregation in planning and evaluating the worship life of the congregation, so that people of all ages are invited and wecomed into a joyful and warm worshiping community."


  • Arrange for users for each Sunday and drivers from the Senior Citizen's Lodge
  • Arrange pulpit supply
  • Flowers for special occasions - pointsettas, easter lillies, etc.
  • Arrange for decorating on special occasions, Christmas trees, etc.
  • Scheduling of organists/pianists
  • Communion preparation

Refugee Committee


The refugee committee at St. Andrew's works in cooperation with two other churches, St. Stephen's Catholic Church and Sunnybrook United Church in Red Deer. The joint committee works wells because the synergist nature. Each church does not have to try and do everything to sponsor an individual or a family. Each congregation has its own unique abilities that can be drawn upon to help people in need. This is how the synergy is made by coming together and working as one; the special talents do not have to be duplicated in each congregation. The extra benefit is the people in committee get a chance to meet other people from other churches that they may not have a chance to meet otherwise.

The Joint Refugee Committee has helped a number of people. One family has been sponsored to come to Canada and the committee has also given moral support to others that have come to our country. Some times all that a family or person needs is just a little encouragement or a new friend when they come to our country. When a people have to flee the place that has been home it is very scary, and the best thing to see is a friendly face when arriving at the new country. It also helps if a common language is spoken, to ease the fear and the stress of what will come next. The Joint Committee helps the newcomers with furniture if needed basic living items and someone to talk to until a larger circle of friends are established.

Contact: Ross Smillie

Phone: (403) 782-3148