Our History

The History of St. Andrew’s United Church

In looking at our history, what a rich heritage our church has had.

The Grace Methodist and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Churches have been operating co-operatively in the Lacombe area since 1894 sharing the same facilities (first freight shed, then a log school house), operating a joint Sunday School, participating in the occasional joint communion service and joining with each other’s services of celebration.

By 1911 union services were being held during the summer months and the initial investigation of an official union of the two congregations began in 1912. The union became official in May of 1922, and was celebrated at the first service of the newly formed St. Andrew’s United Church, Lacombe.


The church building is listed in the City of Lacombe’s Municipal Heritage Inventory as a place of interest as it is the one of the community’s earliest churches. Built in 1909 to house the expanding congregation St. Andrew’s has undergone countless renovations and two major additions.


The first was the construction of the Christian education building and Auditorium in 1957 and the most recent was an expansion of the sanctuary which was completed in 2002. St. Andrew’s remains an iconic building in the community.


Mr. Dayton Thesenvitz and Mr. Aaron Kennedy compiled 12 videos outlining the history of St. Andrew's United .  The videos are available on Youtube or by watching below.

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