Prayer Candles

Prayer Candles

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5)


Welcome to this new feature on our website!

Lighting candles has been done to help as a spiritual practice for people dealing with various issues in their lives. Candles may be lit at home, church or impromptu shrines. It might be as a symbol of gratitude, concern or encouragement combined with a prayer. It may be a moment of feeling connected with the Divine, a time between you and God.

You may post anonymously or leave your name. It is helpful for you to write a short description of your concern/celebration/gratitude.  We hope you will also read the thoughts of others who have posted here and include them in your prayers.

We screen all submissions for appropriate language and content before posting them publicly. We try to complete the screening within 48 hours.

By offering this possibility of lighting a candle on-line we hope that you will find connection with both God and this community.



animated candleHave the love of my life eternal.
From: Tai



animated candleFor me to marry the man i love..



animated candleFor hopeful passage of Bill C16 in Canada's Senate, protecting transgender people and many others.
From: Grant Crossley



animated candleFor all the people in Manchester, England.
From: Grant



animated candleFor all the people in Berlin, Germany.



animated candleFor the Smillie family, wishing them all the best!



animated candleReturned of what is owed to me and prayer and blessings for the people that wronged me.



animated candleTo the family of Isabelle Haefliger.



animated candlePrayers for the two year old who fell out of a shopping cart on to her head at no frills on Thursday July 21st. Please Lord look after her.



animated candleFor all the people who are affected by the consequences of Brexit.



animated candleFor this beautiful season!



animated candleThank You: on behalf of the entire congregation, we would like to show our appreciation to Isabelle and Hans Haefliger for visualizing, organizing supervising and funding the magnificent landscaping projects that they havespearheaded at the front of St Andrew's over the past few the many hours they quietly devote to maintaining the flower beds and shrubbery.
From: the congregation of St Andrews United Church.

animated candlePrayers for the Family of Barbara Flewelling. May the Lord comfort the family and give them joyful thoughts as they remember her. With great gratitude we say thank you to "Barbara" for the life long dedication of services she has given to the St Andrews United Church.
From: Circle of Care, from St Andrews United Church, Lacombe

animated candlePrayers for the family of my aunt (tanta) Cornelia Barendina Meijer in the Netherlands.  May the Lord be with the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as they say goodbye for the last time here on earth.  Love you tanta Cor and thank you for the memories and memorabilia you gave me on my last visit.  From:  Tilly Meyer

animated candlePrayers for all the victims, families and friends of the Orlando shooting! For all the LTBGQ people.



animated candlePrayers and thoughts for Winnie, Bob and the family of Don Chesney.  From:  the Circle of Care, St Andrews, United Church Lacombe.



animated candleAnnerie and Jurjan Dunnewind are the proud parents of Lukas Herman! Born May 29 around 9 p.m.  9 pounds.



animated candle"Painting the Stars".  Rev Ross Smillie, thank you for giving this course on celebrating the communion of science and faith.  The last seven Thursdays you shared your knowledge and experiences with a group of deverse people who not only enjoyed each other in fellowship and conversation but where left with a renewed sense  of AWE.

animated candlePrayers of comfort for the family and friends of Mae Belle Thompson. We give thanks for her life and love that she gave being a teacher, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend. Will be missed by all.  From: Circle of Care, St Andrews United Church, Lacombe.


animated candlePrayers for those who struggle with gender identity in a world where so many insist that everyone to conform to a certain pattern. May we remember that when God created the world S/He loved diversity and variety. Remember lady bugs, kangaroos and snowflakes. No two are exactly alike. How could humans be any different with the many gifts God has given us. Go in peace beloved children of God made in God's image.

animated candleSpecial ... Prayers for all those from our own congregation that are in the hospital. May the Lord give them and their families comfort and peace.  From:  Circle of Care


animated candlePrayers for a friend who has to seek cancer treatment abroad. Prayers also for her husband and children.



animated candlePrayers for the family and friends of Edna Jesperson and the family and friends of Carl Wilkinson.  We hold both families in our hearts as they say forever goodbye this Sat May 14th 2016.  From:  Circle of Care, St. Andrew's United Church, Lacombe.


animated candlePrayers for all the Fort McMurray evacuees.