Caring for Others

Caring for Others at St. Andrew's United


Circles of Care (CoC)

The vision of Circles of Care is that all persons connected with the congregation will experience God's love through the care they receive from others in the congregation. We are asking for your help as members of church circles and congregation.

Caring support to seniors, shut-ins and those encountering health or family struggles is offered by our Circles of Care Team. Contact Anneke Kassies (403-782-9831), Doris Thesenvitz (403-782-7063) or Tilly Meyer (403-782-9887)

Prayer Shawl Ministry


As a tangible reminder of God's love in challenging times, our Prayer Shawl ministry makes and distributes the warm and comforting Afghans kept at the front of the church. If you want to give a prayer shawl, then feel free to take one, recording information in the book provided. To help make them, contact Doris Thesenvitz (403-782-7063).




If you need help from a volunteer or want to volunteer, contact one of our Volunteer Link coordinators Winnie Chesney Settle (403-348-9777) or Madeline Hendrickson (403-789-4323), or the Volunteer Link office coordinator Sheila Chapman (403-786-0110). 


Prayer Line


Our prayer line provides prayer and support for those who have needs and request prayer. To request prayer, please contact Madeline Hendrickson at 403-789-4323.


Drivers Needed

There are members of our church living at Royal Oak, Lacombe Lodge, and in the community, who need a lift to church. We would like to develop a list of people willing to drive these folks on Sundays, either on a regular or occasional basis, as we do currently have some dedicated drivers in place. It is our intent to match drivers to their area. No special vehicles are required as a rule. Your help would be sincerely appreciated and would allow our seniors to remain active in the church. This is a great way to get to know more people in the congregation. A transportation co-ordinator is also required. Please contact Nancy Lawrence at 403-782-6350.